Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

Because Medigap is offered through private companies but standardized by Medicare — the only difference in the same letter Medigap policy offered by two different Medicare Supplement insurance companies is price.

Meaning, a Medicare Supplement Plan F has the same coverage no matter which company you get it from. You will just pay a different price.

This is why having an agent from USAmeriCare Insurance shopping your policy for you makes the most sense.

We will find the best price for you so you save time and money.

Because most people are more comfortable with brand-name companies, we work with a good group of insurance companies that you likely have heard of. However, there are also many other Medicare supplement insurance companies with great financial ratings that you may not have heard of that offer the same coverage for a cheaper premium.

So, we have selected a blend of brand-name and lesser known companies — all with great financial ratings — to find you the best fit.

Here are the Medicare Supplement insurance companies that we work with:

Mutual of Omaha
Heartland National

Union Security
Atlantic Coast Life

Banker’s Fidelity
Manhattan Life
New Era
Philadelphia American

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How to choose a Medicare Supplement Insurance company

Financial ratings are perhaps the most important thing to look at when deciding a Medigap company to work with. However, another thing to consider is the company’s history of rate increases. You want to pick a company who has a great rate and a good financial rating. However, you also want to make sure it doesn’t have a history of hiking prices every year.

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